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Firewatch All Natural Cedar Scent Basic Bar Soap

Firewatch All Natural Cedar Scent Basic Bar Soap

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Firewatch was a natural bar personality, as many a night was spent performing this boring ass task. The only time this was even remotely entertaining was in combat.

This men's soap bar is the exact opposite of that task.

The Firewatch Soap Grenade is a cleansing bar with a fresh-cut cedar scent that will have you questioning how you could have ever lived without it.

This bar of soap is meant for scrubbing away the dirt of the day before bed, or getting your day started off with a real woodsy scent all real men should love, especially those Paul Bunyan types.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, canola oil, shea butter, walnut powder,  Cedarwood essential oil for fragrance.

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