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K-Bar Soap Co.

Reveille Basic Soap Bar

Reveille Basic Soap Bar

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Wake the F&$k up with this Soap bar, you motivators, and toss this invigorating scent into your morning SSS routine!

Each bar is infused with the freedom-loving, God-fearing, best “go-go” juice on the planet, from Frontier Coffee Company.  Check them out at 

This cleansing bar ain't no joke, it has more 'Merica per ounce than any other soap known to all of mankind, period.

Instead of waking up to some asshole yelling at you, how about rolling out of bed, scrubbing your ass with some Freedom coffee, and owning the day the right way.  

*actual bag of coffee not included 

Ingredients: Coconut oil, palm oil, canola oil, shea butter, Frontier Coffee Company coffee, cocoa powder, bentonite clay, and essential oil blend for fragrance.

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